Beth Beers Christie

Profile Updated: January 25, 2009
Beth Beers
Residing In: Buchanan, MI USA
Spouse/Partner: Jeff
Children: daughter Jami 30 ; son Nicholas 23
Occupation: photographer/dog trainer/ writer
Yes! Attending Reunion
What are your favorite memories of NHS?

I would say the parties at my parents house when they were away but I got in way too much trouble and was way too sick the next day to call that a good memory. In fact alot of my memories (or lack of them) involve parties, being sick and getting in trouble. But I do have a few actual school memories.
Like when Mike Peters and I bought a monkey and brought it into Mr. Mcmillen's biology class so we could conduct a Pavlov's Dog type experiment (actually a lame excuse to get a pet monkey) and the monkey got out of it's cage and took to higher ground in the false ceilings in that wing of the school - peering in at different classes and then running for cover - so that Mike and I got called in to capture the beast (who would bite like a wild animal - the monkey not mike) and I remember one point we had Pete (named after you know who) cornered and we had welders gloves on but still argued..."I'm not gonna grab grab him".
As I wrote this I remembered another funny time in biology also involving Mike Peters (and you thought our class president was such an upright citizen) anyway, we were dissecting frogs that day and I had mine down to the bare-bones (you might say) and then we went into the greenhouse to take care of Pete-the-monkey and we must have gotten bored and started goofing around with the frog carcass and as I remember it - it was Mike(that's my story and I'm sticking to it) who took the frog out into the parking lot and placed it on the chest of a student who was asleep in the front seat of his car and had the unfortunate circumstances of having his car window rolled down. I have often wondered what happened when the guy woke up!

I also remember singing and doing a funny skit with Sue-Ellen Etzcorn in choir to The Boy from Impaneema (sp?) which was hilarious but I think I chickened out and did not show up at the actual performance (sorry about that sooz). I have another memory of Sue from jr. high when we M.C.'d the school talent show which again was very funny but poor, sweet Diane Scafaria who helped us behind the scenes had to bear the brunt of our stress and meanness and we made her cry. (sorry about that Diane).
Well, since I'm on the topic of Sue Etzcorn I also have a memory of her in 1st grade when she got me in trouble because she stuck her eraser up her nose and sang "where oh where has my little eraser gone" which was beyond hysterical so that we could not stop laughing and we had to go to the office and call our parents and tearfully tell them what we had done. (go ahead Sue-Ellen, say it - I'm sorry Beth)

I also remember the gym show and trying to do the, umm, what do you call it? Those long plastic streamers on a stick? Crap I can't remember - anyway I really flubbed that up but it was no where near as embarrassing as when Amy Gregory - who was in a routine dressed as a short person (like that character Dorf? on Carol Burnett) and at one point during their routine she toppled over like a weeble and thrashed around unable to get up.

High points of your life since high school?

Definately meeting and marrying my wonderful husband (20 years).
Also going back to college and technical school (since I dropped out of high-school).
And especially coming into a fuller understanding and relationship with God. I KNOW! Trouble-maker, partier turned God chick - go figure. The thing is I'm still a rebel only now I'm a rebel in a Christian community. Lord help us all.

Do you still see/talk to/hang out with any classmates? Who?

Theresa Boller; Julie Priest - people I bump into

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I train my dogs to do agility (obstacle course race - with weave poles, jumps, teeter totter etc.). The ironic thing is the method I use in dog training (operant conditioning) is linked with the Pavlov's Dog type experiment we were supposed to be conducting with Pete-the-monkey in biology - who knew?
I also write in my spare time and I have had a few pieces (essay/op ed) published but unlike my dog training and photography it's not a big money maker. Yet?

If you own your own business, tell us about it and let us know if you have a web-site.

My husband and I have operated a pet photography business for about 20 years. We met doing photography - I used to do darkroom tech and sports at the Niles Daily Star (back in the day of film) and when I went back to school I also took a position with a company where he was managing a portrait studio. He hired me in at that studio for Christmas help and one day while working together he made the comment that he would like to get out of this joint and start his own studio photographing animals. That sounded way-cool to me. Years later he says he decided to marry the help so he wouldn't have to pay her. I say - that's back when he was my boss.

We do have a web-site but it's not the greatest (were good at photography - not so great at web-sites)

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