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01/15/23 09:58 AM #4166    


Lynn Bassler (Porter)

I wanted to get back to everyone concerning the kick off meeting for the our 50th Class Reunion and meeting before the Feb 6, 2023 Basketball game on behalf of Bill Weaver. Game is at 7PM.

I met with the Martins Coffee Club this past Wednesday (thanks Joe for organizing that) and I said I would try and post something so we can get things rolling.  It was mentioned we might try and meet prior to the game at the Eagle's so I stopped in and spoke to Julia.  She said we were welcome on Feb 6 before the game.  She did say that the Class of 65 always meets on Monday's but there should be plenty of room in the side room for us and them.  Monday's are their $ 2.00 Burger Special so I told her I would post this to the class and if you plan to join us at the Eagle's and eat please let me know that way I can give her a head count so we don't overwhelm the place!

I will plan to be there by 5PM.  If you can let me know via this site by FEB 1st whom will want to eat for sure and whom might be joining us at the Eagle's that would be wonderful, I'll relay that info back to her.  I'll also ask if you'd like to bring past information you have on the past reunions I can gather the information and start a file/build a tote whatever is needed based on the amount of information you bring.

Mike Wheeler is working on the Class of '73 so he has shared possible locations, costs etc so we have a bit of a starting point.

If anyone has any questions and want to call me, my number is 812-878-7542.  I look forward to seeing everyone if not at the Eagle's at the basketball game.  Pass this info on to anyone you know that may not view the site very often (like me!!)

01/15/23 07:51 PM #4167    


Rex Carpenter

Lynn I am planning on being at the Eagles before hand & may eat. Don't know for sure as I keep a grip on my appatite as I have in the last year & 1/2 have lost over 100 lbs. I was at or above 315 lbs at our last reunion & am now , today at 206 lbs. I do plan on going to the basketball game too. I also am willing to help anyway I can with the planning. Thanks & hope you had a good Christmas & a great New Year so far. Rex.

01/16/23 11:40 AM #4168    


Karen McGregor (Bezemek)

Hi Lynn and Rex too! 
Please put me, Deb and Jean down for the meeting at the Eagles and we will plan to eat there as well. 
I'll bring my stash of past reunion information. Can't thank you enough for putting all this in motion! 
look forward to seeing everyone that joins in! 

01/16/23 12:22 PM #4169    

Rex Dillman

i missed this month  martins mtg....the whole week was a mess.  i got message abrt Babbette   Rod gave me info  before i saw  from here... at least my e mail does send me  info from class of 74 again  .. .... i went to Babbettes celebration of life event... reasons why i wouldnt post... if want to call  house phone  has answering thing... 269-695-3349 .... my new  cell junk will be reactivated tomorrow if i get a # to call back to. so yall know... thanks  

01/17/23 11:51 PM #4170    


Melody Conrad

Hi Lynn!  I plan on joining you all at the Eagles on Feb. 6th, but won't be able to go to the game.  I'd like to help with the reunion also.

01/18/23 12:13 AM #4171    

Rex Dillman

 i would go but as the  TBI  dr thinks i might have a seziure  he had dont drive at night put in my licence info      thing.... damn it messes me up  even going to football games!!!!! so ya know...  i drove back from college classes after dark... unless i say im helping a  person or emergency, ive done that..... no cop has saw me screw up havent got caught yet. my luck it would be reunion or a game event.....hell i could drive my tractor with lights on it!!!!! 

01/18/23 08:23 AM #4172    


Terri Bayles (Howells)

David (Abbott) and I hope to join you at the Eagles for dinner before the game. Looking forward to seeing everyone!

01/20/23 10:25 AM #4173    


Tracy Bishop

Good Morning Lynn,

I plan on attending the reunion meeting and the basketball game.  Will lend a hand wherever I can! Please include me for dinner too. Look forward to catching up with all that are able to attend!



01/21/23 04:10 PM #4174    


Lynn Bassler (Porter)

Thanks everyone for letting me know your joining me at the Eagles on 2/6.  I'm building the list and so far we have 10 people.  Any reunion info be sure to bring it along too! 

Just thought I'd send a quick update on where things stood, I'll update weekly until the 6th!

Have a great weekend!

01/23/23 04:52 PM #4175    


Steve Bender

Hello Class of 74:  Exciting news 

Pam Weaver, Amy Bender and Steve Bender have partnered to create the Bill Weaver Memorial Scholarship. Actually, we will be providing two scholarships each year, one to a boy at Niles High School and one to girl at Buchanan High School.  Criteria for the scholarships will be sportsmanship and character with a preference for students who participate in basketball.  What a great way to celebrate Bill's great playing career at Niles and his fabulous coaching career at Buchanan.  Bill affected so many lives in such a positive way and we are so excited to carry on his legacy forever.

We will be publicly announcing this at the game February 6.  Anyone who is interested in donating to this edowment fund please send your contribution to:


Michigan Gateway Community Foundation

111 Days Avenue

Buchanan, MI  49107

c/o Mike Rowland - President/CEO


01/26/23 10:30 AM #4176    

Toni Bodjack (Bruegmann)

In regards to the game on February 6th, will there be any advanced ticket sales? I worked with Pam for many years and there are several people from Brandywine who would like to attend to honor Bill and support Pam. I just thought being able to purchase seats in advance might be a good idea.


01/27/23 09:55 AM #4177    


Steve Bender

Bill Weaver Night

Pam Weaver and I met with Athletics Director Matt Brawley yesterday.  Here are the details on February 6.

1.  Cash tickets only at the door

2.  The evening is a triple header boys basketball vs. Buchanan. Frosh start at 4:15

3.  The Bill Weaver tribute will start immediatley after the varsity boys do their full warm-up - around 7:00

4.  The public address announcer will cover Bill's accomplishments at Niles-Buchanan-Eastern Michigan

5.  There will be a moment of silence

6.  The Bill Weaver Memorial Scholarship will be explained - every year 1 scholarship given to a Niles Boy and 1 scholarship given to a Buchanan girl based on character and sportsmanship - flyers will be available at the door on how you can donate to the Scholarship Endowment Fund.

7.  Niles is going to put a plaque up next to the Ed Weede and Joe Whitwam awards for the winners of Bill's Niles scholarship (this is the first award ever given for boys' basketball)

8. Niles is printing 100 Bill Weaver Night t-shirts that they will be giving away for FREE

9. The Bill Weaver Night will be an annual event when Niles + Buchanan play in basketball - rotating boys and girls

10.  To honor our class of 74 the DJ is going to focus on 70's music - there will be a section for our class to sit

11.  Both student sections are pretty special with Jessica + Dustin Cornelius leading them = great atmosphere

12.  At the conclusion of the game a signed ball by both teams will be presented to Pam

13. It will be a fun evening and great to see one another again

01/28/23 05:43 PM #4178    

Marti Robinson (White)

What a wonderful way to honor Bill!  Wish I could be there - any chance this will be live streamed?


01/29/23 09:09 AM #4179    

Rex Dillman

 thanks for info ... will be there  no matter  what so ya know ... 

01/29/23 05:54 PM #4180    


Lynn Bassler (Porter)

Update for the week...

1st I want to say thanks to Steve Bender for keeping us updated on the new scholarships, it is a wonderful tribute and idea for the future generations!!  Thanks Steve!

Also the update on the game details sounds like 2/6 is going to have alot going on other than just the game!

I have a couple more forlks added to the Eagles, I'll let the Eagles know this week about how many Class of 74 folks to expect.  Looking forward to seeing everyone.  Marty I can't answer the question about streaming maybe someone else can add their 2 cents!  I barely get this typed and sent out to the class!

Everyone have a great safe week..

02/01/23 09:53 PM #4181    


Dana Daniels

If people going to the game identify themselves as members of the Class of '74, they and their families will be let in for free.

For anyone who wishes to stream the game, please go to this site,,  and review the announcements.  There are instructions provided and a link to the streaming software.  I don't know if any audio comes through, but the game will be shown.

Niles Community Schools is honored to be able to do this and Bill's name and his scholarship plaque will hang in the hallway across from the offices at the High School.  


02/02/23 11:05 AM #4182    

Marti Robinson (White)

Thanks, Dana!!

02/06/23 04:01 PM #4183    


Jim Jarman

Can someone who is going to Bill Weavers Memorial tonight record it to post online as I looked for the live streaming info and did not find it, Thanks 

02/06/23 06:19 PM #4184    


Dick Crocker

Here is the link:


I understand it is scheduled to start about 7:00 PM EST.

02/06/23 07:22 PM #4185    


Dick Crocker

Sorry folks.  I am not able to find any info abut streaming Bill's tribute at the website link provided.

02/07/23 04:17 PM #4186    

Stephanie Sirovica (Hessey)

Hi everyone!! I just wanted to thank Steve Bender and his wife for such a wonderful tribute with the scholarship and the tribute basketball game last night. It was very heartfelt by many and I'm sure Bill was smiling and feeling very blessed at it and all those that were able to attend and the ones who shared the recording or photographs while he flew around the court with his Angel wings. Maybe even helping a player or two dumping the ball in the net. 😇 It was great to see all of you and Thank you to the many others who helped with all the planning and putttng it all together. A big Thank you also to Dana Daniels for the tour of the school with all its many updated changes. It sure felt strange walking past class rooms and thinking about the teachers we had and experiences we had as teen agers. Even stranger thinking about our own children who attended there and now lol our Grandchildren attending or will be attending soon. 😝 Or a laugh to think about thinking when we attended games and events at the school now we are so old we get Senior Citizen Discount !!! Who would have ever imagined we would ever be this old. 😃 But we are and we are blessed to still be here and have a laugh or smile remembering so many different things. I took a few photos and Bruce Geschiedle shared one with me that I posted in the gallery. Looking forward to seeing all of you again we us old coots meet up for our 50th. 

02/09/23 07:43 PM #4187    


Lynn Bassler (Porter)

Thanks everyone who was able to meet at the at the meeting I mentioned come April or when everyone starts to return back to Niles from being in warmer weather we'll get the reunion kicked off and rolling.  Dana was the scribe and sent me notes regarding our general discussion on Monday.  Karen got me a lot of past information and Stephanie was on it, going to locate lost class classmates!  We already have a great start!

Good to see everyone at the game on Monday....I just know I need to get that 74 yearbook dusted off and start going thru it!  Thanks Steve and all those involved with the memorial game for Bill.

Look forward to seeing everyone soon!  Lynn

04/13/23 07:54 PM #4188    


Steve Bender

Donation responses for the Bill Weaver Scholarships was greatly appreciated. If you would still like to donate, contact Michigan Gateway Foundation in Buchanan 

06/24/23 02:00 PM #4189    


Wendy Rehm (Comar)

I have posted Lynn Schweinzger's obituary information on her In Memory site.  There is a lovely video posted at  Wendy

09/21/23 08:40 AM #4190    


Terri Bayles (Howells)


In case you haven't heard the sad news - Mike Sirovica's dear wife, Kimmie (NHS '72), passed away last week. You can find her obiturary at

Mike, we're all holding you and your family close to our hearts.



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