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09/26/21 10:00 PM #4102    


Diane Blank (Creekmur)



Check out my new book.....Holly's Big Imagination- published 2021.  I finally figured out what I want to do when I grow up!


09/27/21 05:34 AM #4103    

John Hesser

Diane: Congratulations! I hope your book is a success!

09/27/21 10:16 AM #4104    


Tracy Bishop

Congratulations on your new book Diane!

09/27/21 08:46 PM #4105    


Diane Blank (Creekmur)

Thank you everyone! I am actually posting to Amazon this week and it should be available on Friday. I also have an interview with the Niles Daily Star tomorrow. Looking forward to that. My book is currently available now on my website at:

11/09/21 09:21 AM #4106    


Wendy Rehm (Comar)

I am sadly hearing that it is possible Mike Whitehead has passed away.  His last known address in this site was Silsbee, TX.  I can't find any obituary on line.  Does anyone know anything more?  

02/18/22 06:18 PM #4107    


Wendy Rehm (Comar)

Re;  Roxanne Woods murder in 1987

I just saw this on our local Grand Rapids news tonight and was quite surprised after 35 years that this murderer was finally caught.  Roxanne Woods was a friend of mine and I am thankful this may have been solved.  It's been so long.  I hope she can rest in peace now.

02/18/22 07:53 PM #4108    


Michael Sirovica

Link about Roxanne's murder. Also in the Daily Star & maybe WNDU.

02/19/22 08:42 AM #4109    

Sylvester Tebo

Rex. The name of the person that murdered Roxanne is Patrick Wayne Gilham of South Bend

02/19/22 11:19 AM #4110    


Steve Bender

Sooooo many of us were wrong with our assumption that Terry had some part in this horrific incident.  We can't apologize to Terry enough and send him our thanks and prayers for his patience with so many of us.

The criminal justice system should be congratulated for continuing their search after 35 years

02/19/22 10:08 PM #4111    


Rex Carpenter

I di like more then a few think that he had done the deed & am so sorry I was wrong as I feel bad now for thinking this all this time,but am very glad he didn't have anything to do with it & hope he will forgive me for some of my awlaful thought I had at times. Terry I want to be one of the first few to say I am very happy for you & very sorry for thinking in my head you had something to do with it as I liked her very much even though we were not close after grade school. GOD BLESS you & the rest of your family.  Sinserly Rex Lee Carpenter.

03/24/22 08:51 PM #4112    


Diane Blank (Creekmur)

If anyone from class of 1974  in Niles has a chance- stop by The ShelfLife Community Bookstore this Sat., March 26- from noon to 2 pm -- I have been invited to a book signing there and would love to see my fellow classmates!   Melody Conrad will be there and Sue Etzcorn is attending also. Hope to see you there! 

04/03/22 04:41 PM #4113    

Rex Dillman

 as i dont x this enough... at least got password to work!!!!! Roxanne and rest of family... was nextdoor neighbor  untill we both moved from Mead rd.... i cant write all i know about the incident... a friend i worked withs parent was a dective on the case... what i can tell is they had a idea what to look for  and it was never closed.... the FBI had been involved since it happened. another friend told me how many times for years they ask everybody who knew her questions...  

04/26/22 09:36 AM #4114    


Michael Sirovica

Kudos to WMU.......

Today on the "Today Show", a story of how WMU has started a class for research students, organizing notes for the State Police. This program saves the detectives the time of doing this themselves.

Their FIRST SOLVED CASE: Our Roxanne!!!!

07/02/22 09:57 AM #4115    


Ed Dunifin

We loss another good guy this morning . Charlie Haas was taking away too soon. 

07/03/22 09:08 AM #4116    


Karen McGregor (Bezemek)

Charlie's soul here on earth and now in life everlasting is at peace.
I wish I'd known him as well as many of you. A truly good guy. His passing is a reminder to all to take care of any health issues and, to live each day to the fullest. Prayers of comfort for all who loved him. 

07/03/22 10:22 AM #4117    


Tracy Bishop

Well said Karen. Rest in peace Charlie. My condolences to Charlie's family.

07/03/22 12:03 PM #4118    

Jim Jarman

Charley was a great guy. One of the nicest guys I have ever known. We knew each other in school but also in junior bowling league.I got to see him often when I was bowling part time in Niles the last two years. Rest In Peace!!!

07/03/22 01:35 PM #4119    


Bill Weaver

It's a sad day in the Weaver household after hearing this news.  Growing up on the same street, we spent a lot of time together.  Fond memories of the sandlot baseball games, street football, whiffle ball, basketball, and riding our bikes.  He will be missed by all that knew him.  Sending thoughts and prayers to his family.

07/03/22 03:17 PM #4120    


Steve Bender

NemnyCharlie was as genuine as they come. He had a warm smile for everyone, even for us who went to Ballard. Rest In Peace my friend. 


09/21/22 03:40 PM #4121    

Rex Dillman

 got notice to send something as been months.... my 2001 s10 chevy trk   frame started to rust break. so went to German concepts in ocesola In.  got a 2015 golf.... couldnt find a better price or deal other places.... today all used cars get sold in less then 2 days from brought to any dealer so ya know.... i did get $500. for trk.... those today with the good motor and tranny  sell at auction the 4 cylinder motors are   put in larger trucks  instead of origonal 6 or v8 motors.... because of better gas milage... surprised me. i was going to make a T bucket.... but my 1943 ww2 jeep is good enough.... now i wrote yall something.  hope to be at reunion...


09/29/22 10:19 AM #4122    


Lynn Bassler (Porter)

Just following up on Rex's comment about the Class Reunion!

We have a little over a year+ and of course I have not participated in anything with the reunions for 50 years!!  Well I am back in Niles and want to reach out to those who have been involved with all the reunions and see how I can help or get the ball rolling.  I remember a "few" folks who were at the top working thru everything for the past reunions but beyond that I'm at a loss.  I'd be happy to kick a meeting off here at the house when you think its time.  I look forward to hearing back from anyone that has been involved or wants to be involved, but count me in for sure for the 50th!!


09/29/22 06:39 PM #4123    


Anne Rigby (Haley)

Thank you, Lynn!  I'll do whatever I can from GA.  As long as it's not in hurricane season (or tornado time!) count me in.



09/29/22 09:16 PM #4124    


Rex Carpenter

Lynn, I heped out with the last 2 & am able to help this next time too. If anyone is still around,,,lol,, I'm always glad to help out with or !!!!!!!! 50th class reunion. WOW how time fly's when your not looking. So much has happened over just the last few years that are going to be sad & happy to talk about at the next oone. Hope we don't lose anyone else before that but ,, you never know. Glad your back in town & hope your finding your move back a happy one. Thanks Rex Carpenter.  P.S. I know you were probably refering to the comment Rex D. posted , but I thought I'd add a bit to let you know some of us are still here & glad to hepl. 

09/30/22 10:46 AM #4125    

Rex Dillman

Lynn i  couldnt get this junk to send private let me know on here it shows when i get messages since i last got it to work...  email         let me know if meeting plans... my cancer x up says every 6 months now ya know...

09/30/22 06:28 PM #4126    

Joe Paquette

Hi all. Been working on the reunion, trying to convince the owners to let us have it there. Kind of hush hush for now but if it works it will be a time to remember. Obviously I don't want to dictate this is what we have to do but I think everyone should be happy. Well, almost all. Never can please everyone. We can discuss it when I get an answer, you can be thinking of alternatives in the meantime and decide the best options. 
I haven't posted this for a long time but a few classmates meet once a month at Martins supermarket in the deli area. It's kinda been word of mouth but is open to all. We even have some from the class ahead and behind that attend. Not a reunion meeting but talking about everything. 
We meet the 2nd Wednesday of the month around 8:00 a.m. in the deli area. Martins has coffee or you can buy Starbucks or drink ALMOST anything you want. Any questions about anything please feel free to email me:
C-ya. Joe

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