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05/24/19 12:25 PM #4025    


Deborah Lunger

Thanks Rex for your work on this - that weekend is the only time I am free in August 

Thanks for that 😉

I’ll send my check in for two ASAP 




05/24/19 11:56 PM #4026    


Rex Carpenter

Thanks Deb , this is the only weekend that seems to work for most, as most want to be home or at familys house for that holiday. It's not going to be real fancy it's just a get together so we can have a bite to eat & mingle with old friends. We will have whats posted on the forum for munchies & dinner can be had at the new rest. that was once HI's. I'm going to ask the owner to for a small discount for us so that will help us & give him some extar business that he may not have gotten. See you both soon Rex.

05/25/19 01:37 PM #4027    


Anne Rigby (Haley)

Check's in the mail!  Looking forward to seeing all.  Thank you for your work setting this up.


05/28/19 09:40 AM #4028    


Tom Houseman

All - Check is in the mail - so count Margie and I in. Thanks, Rex!



05/29/19 05:39 PM #4029    


Wendy Rehm (Comar)

Hi everyone--I emailed the class with details of the class reunion and also posted same to the homepage here for your future reference.  Let Rex Carpenter know if you have questions.  

06/13/19 05:18 PM #4030    


Steve Bender

If anyone is on the fence about attending the 45th and says, "I will wait until the Big 50", I think you should re-examine your thoughts.  Any time we have a designated class reunion is an opportunity to stay connected.  There are no guarantees in life, and we need to enjoy every day we have on this earth. We have lost too many classmates in recent years.  A class reunion should never be taken for granted.  Go Vikings!

06/16/19 12:31 PM #4031    


Kit Bagley (Locke)

Happy Birthday Lynn🎈

06/18/19 12:54 PM #4032    

Rex Dillman

stopped  w  ww2 jeep at  east main gardens  he was out left message i will bring $ there....  told whitehead the other day  to send $ if he can come .... hope he gets here this time have  told him every yr to get here.... 

06/27/19 07:38 PM #4033    


Rex Carpenter

With a sad heart I have to let all knw that I can not continue to make plans for the reunion which would have been on Aug. 24th Sat. 2019. I have a surgery that will make it unable for me to contiune with this. I hope it is early enough to let all who made plans to come here to change their plans if needed. If someone can take over for me I'll wait for a response for 1 week from today to hear if someone is willing to take over , but I won't be able to go on . I hope this is not to big of a problem for all but with the upcoming surgery I won't be able to as it will be on my mouth & I won't be able to talk for awhile. I will send al the monies I received back to those who sent it in in 1 week if I don't hear if someone else will be able to take over for me. I only received 7 responses , so I don't hink this is going to be to big of a problem having it cancelled. I'm sorry this has happened . but because of the resons it can't be helped. I'm sorry & hope that if I'm able I'll try to help with the 50th if we have one. Thanks Rex Lee Carpenter.

06/27/19 08:08 PM #4034    


Kit Bagley (Locke)

Rex, I’m sorry to hear you are having health issues. I was not able to come on the 24th, but I was following the conversations and you were the only one stepping up to try to make the 45th happen. Mainly, get well and feel good. That’s all you should have to be concerned about right now. 🙏🙏🙏 for you! Thanks for all the effort you put in so far. 

06/27/19 11:16 PM #4035    


Rex Carpenter

Thanks , I just hope this doesn't hurt anyones plans for this , & I thanks you for the well wishes.

06/28/19 10:39 AM #4036    


Terri Bayles (Howells)

Sorry to hear that you need to have surgery, Rex. Hope it will go well and recovery will not be too arduous.

As for the reunion, why not keep the date but revert to just meeting up at a local venue for the evening? Front Street Pizza has a great outdoor patio, and is large enough that no formal reservations would actually be needed, though we can reserve tables minimally for the people we know will be coming in. It's not a five-star restaurant, but the price is right, and if the weather is nice it will be relaxing and conducive to conversation.

If this is agreeable to people I'm happy to collect the RSVPs and make reservations. You can email me at

Also, Rex, David sent Mike a check. No need to return it as long as it gets deposited in the class account. It can go towards the 50th.

Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions?


06/29/19 10:00 AM #4037    

Rex Dillman

 could meet somewhere whoud be  good idea at front st.... anything better then nothing R>C> hope ya get better...

06/29/19 07:45 PM #4038    


Rex Carpenter

Terri I'm going to check with mike this week & see if & how many people may have sent in checks. Thanks for the help if you want to do that it's a good idea & maybe can work for most. Thanks , Rex.

07/07/19 09:22 AM #4039    


Wendy Rehm (Comar)

Thanks Rex for trying to coordinate the 45th reunion.  We appreciate all the work you did.  Coordinating these reunions takes a lot of time and effort which gets harder for all with our busy lives.  If a casual get together becomes a reality this summer, someone let me know the details so I can post them to the home page.  Rex, we are hoping for a speedy and full recovery for you.  Happy summer to all.  Wendy

07/12/19 07:18 AM #4040    


Steve Bender

Sad to say but we lost another True Viking.  Although not in our class, Gary Asmus, older brother of Steve, was one of the most fun-loving, genuine and caring people on the face of the earth.  He was right behind Tom Bonner as a Viking super fan.  Please let Steve know how sorry you are.  Go Vikes!

07/13/19 06:44 AM #4041    

Rex Dillman

 too bad we all rode same schoolbus....

07/14/19 10:14 AM #4042    


Lynn Bassler (Porter)

Rex, thanks again for all your support of trying to pull this together.  I sent a check but please just bank the money I do not want it back.  I know June has been a blur for me and here we are at July 14!  I can't begin to tell you where the time is going.  I hope to be back to the Farm in the next few years once everything gets remodelled and I get closer to retirement.  I can finally get involved with the reunions once I return to Niles.  Living out of town, I have not had any part of any reunion so with that I say thank you to all of those that did spend time and energy to pull them together over the years...

Rex best with all your health concerns and I hope for you a speedy recovery.

Steve Amus, I am sorry to hear of the loss of your brother prayers are with you in this time of your loss.

07/16/19 12:54 PM #4043    

Jerry Ernsperger

Rex, iam still on board for anything on the 24th of Aug. and if that cant happen please deposit my check into the reunion fund. again sorry to hear about your sugery.

07/16/19 07:42 PM #4044    


Rex Carpenter

There may be somthing of a get together at 1 of the local bars, I'll keep you infromed abiut it. I appericate the good thoughts for me. I'll keep you infomed as to what we may do. Thanks Rex.

07/17/19 10:44 PM #4045    

Rex Dillman

thought of healing up from chemo before reunion  just did... last time i had chemo day before reunion  and thought i will get to all of these i can no matter who  can be there or whe4re it is. at least i can drive there now. 

07/19/19 03:02 AM #4046    


Rex Carpenter

Rex old buddy are you still chasing that thing, well you better get better & don't want to hear of you going out without seeing you again. I really hope your doing better this time . If I can find some time let me know when your home & I'll try to get over to see you. God would dare take you away from my before I have time to get to see you again. Really, Let me know when your home & I'll make time to come over & we can shoot the shit for awhile & maybe go get something to eat or drink. My phone is 269-684-3085. I don't work anymore so I can come over when your free. I havn't gotten me appointment date for my next surgery yet so at present I can come whenever. So do It soon. From birth until now we have the same names & were only born a few day apart. Plus you know our parents were planning name & you got the middle mane 1st becasue you came out early. LOL.LOL. But that water under the creek. LOL.  God Bless Rex, let me know when we can get together. As alway the 2nd Rex. 

07/22/19 03:13 PM #4047    


Terri Bayles (Howells)


First of all, thank you again to Rex for getting the ball rolling on this. Rex, I know we all wish you the best with you upcoming surgery.

We have a new location for the Class of ’74 Reunion 2.0. The Brass Eye, a craft cocktails lounge in downtown Niles has agreed to let us have the place to ourselves starting at 6:00p on Saturday, August 24th – for a price – we have to meet a $500 minimum for drinks. Since food isn’t really their thing, we can order pizza and other items as we need from Pizza Transit next door. If a mere thirty people show up that’s less than $20 each. And to ease the burden of buying food separately – or to incentivize all of you who like a good deal – Steve Bender generously offered to put up $100 towards food (thanks, Steve!). David (Abbott) and I will gladly match that, so the first $200 worth of pizza is on the three of us.

Now, this is still a casual gathering and I don’t want to collect money from you all, but I’d like to be able to confirm with the owner as soon as possible that we’ll have enough people to make his minimum. To that end, I’d be grateful if you could RSVP here on the message forum, on Facebook, or just send me an email asap. I’ll work with Wendy to keep a list of attendees posted (if that works for you, Wendy, just let me know what you’d prefer). If it doesn’t look like we’ll have enough people, those who are going to be in town can still meet up there, we’ll simply have to share the space with others.

One more thing, Melody Conrad would like you all to know that the Vikings 40 Plus group (an organization that raises money for scholarships for Niles students) is having their annual gathering on that Saturday from 11am to 3pm at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Niles. It's open for anyone to attend - especially Niles alumni. If you're in town early enough consider attending and start the catching up early. You can message Melody for details.

Please spread the word to classmates who don't visit this website. Hope to see lots of you on the 24th!! 


07/22/19 08:19 PM #4048    


Rex Carpenter

Terry , I am SO glad you were able to get a place for the get together reunion & as long as I still above dirt I will be there , so count me as 1.I may not be able to talk muh depending on my little thing at the hospital. Thank You so much for doing this as I am so glad as I said, I'll help as much as I can & remember we do have money in our account to help with this is nessesary. GO  Vickings, & remember the Prank......!!!!!laugh

07/23/19 07:33 AM #4049    

Rex Dillman

will be there....  thanks

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