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08/20/19 11:28 PM #4069    


Rex Carpenter

Lynn , & to all those who sent in money I'll be there on the 24th & will return all the checks that were sent to me then. Sorry I didn't get them back to all before hand ,but because of some of my health concerns I wasn't able to be will do so this weekend. Thanks Rex.

08/21/19 11:31 AM #4070    


Steve Bender

If you have any doubt about coming to the 45th reunion, cast it away!  We wait five, long years to see one another and catch up, and as we have realized way, way too much recently, there is no guarantee that the people you really want to connect will still be with us.

I sincerely feel you will have a huge regret when you 'could' have come to the reunion but "chose" not to join the Great Viking Class of 1974 baby.


08/21/19 07:49 PM #4071    


Anne Rigby (Haley)

.Life has once again gotten in the way of the best laid plans and I am unable to attend.   Please use my deposit where best it fits, this reunion or Our Fabulous Fiftieth!  Missing seeing all and know that the next five years will pass all too fast.   Have a wonderful time!


08/22/19 12:44 PM #4072    


Steve Bender

We will miss you neighbor.  Hope all is well


08/22/19 02:12 PM #4073    


Terri Bayles (Howells)

Sorry to hear you can't make it in, Anne, I know you'd hoped to! We'll do our best to take pictures to share with everyone!

08/22/19 05:16 PM #4074    


Rex Carpenter

Terri, what time does the party start & do you want me there a bit early to help with anything ? I can I't s just that i don't like to talk to much as I don't like people to see me without my teeth & it's a bit imbarrasing to have some see me that way. I guess it's just vanity.

But please let me know the time so I can come & help seeing how I got this started & had to back out, but i do want to help.

08/23/19 08:00 AM #4075    


Terri Bayles (Howells)

Hi Rex,

We're starting at 6:00p. Thanks for the offer of help, but there's really not much to do, so no need to arrive early. Hope your recovery is going well!

See you tomorrow :)


08/24/19 10:08 AM #4076    


Deborah Lunger

Thanks Rex for getting this started  and all that you have done !

Looking forward to seeing everyone tonight and thanking those involved with getting the party started 👏😄

08/25/19 10:11 AM #4077    

Rex Dillman

 thanks for reunion party... was worth it just to see who did get there and what they are doing. thanks again to  all those who helped and did keep this reunion together. ya never know who ya might see and remember. i didnt forget who anybody was  there. a few  who i didnt know much from 1974  took awhile to figure out but did before leaving. i told those i knew who said they wouldnt come it was  something they  will regret one way or other  before the 50 reunion. i couldnt wait to graduate and finish all the school stuff never thought i would like the reunion  thing but  some of us i thought about out of nowhere  and somebody i saw at jobs would say they had relatives from the class . suppose that is what meeting again  triggers the reunion thoughts. guess that wont stop.  thanks again for party. 


08/26/19 08:58 AM #4078    


Terri Bayles (Howells)

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped make our Niles HS Class of '74 reunion event a success! Thanks to all who contributed $$$ to the bar tab - especially Steve Bender and Dave Smith! Thanks to Melody Conrad for bringing the amazing desserts. Thanks to Mike Peters for the beautiful flowers. Thanks to Rex Carpenter for getting the ball rolling. And thanks to everyone who took time out of their weekend to attend!! It was so great to see you all!
Also, Steve Bender had a great idea to make this an annual get together. We ain't gettin' any younger - so why wait for the 50th Gala! Scheduling for the 3rd or 4th Saturday in August seems like a good place to start. If you have a preference let us know.

08/26/19 05:25 PM #4079    


Katherine Holloway

I like Steve’s idea❣️

08/26/19 08:00 PM #4080    

Joe Paquette

Talked towards the end of the reunion about meeting at Martins on the 2nd Wednesday of each month for coffee, soda, water, whatever. Maybe around 8:00? 


08/27/19 09:18 AM #4081    


Tom Houseman

I like what Joe is saying...if I lived close enough I'd show up at Martin's simply to get a muffin! Never have found any place else that makes muffins as well as Martin's does. 

08/27/19 09:33 AM #4082    


Karen McGregor (Bezemek)

Wonderful night! Super job pulling this together! 

Great energy - was so cool to open that door and see the place full of peeps chattering and lots of laughter! So many fun rememberances of teachers and events.

Look forward to more connecting - and yes, certainly before the Fab 50th! 



08/27/19 09:37 AM #4083    

Rex Dillman

martins 2 wed ok if

08/28/19 07:30 AM #4084    


Anne Rigby (Haley)

I love it also!  If I get the to area, I'll know where to go -- except what is Martins?!


08/28/19 08:03 AM #4085    


Terri Bayles (Howells)

Ha! Good question :) It's a grocery store - in the fashion of today, with a deli, bakery, restaurant seating, etc.

08/28/19 08:03 AM #4086    


Terri Bayles (Howells)

Joe, is that am or pm??

08/28/19 11:33 AM #4087    

Joe Paquette

 8:00 AM. If that woks. We can discuss it, but need to start somewhere if enough are interested. In a perfect situation we will increase it to every two weeks or weekly but let’s try it out 1st and hopefully word will get out. Sorry, I figure if I know where and what Martins is, everyone does!🤷‍♂️ Unfortunately this won’t work for those who are still working but don’t think we would get many if we had it on the weekends. So............

08/28/19 02:11 PM #4088    

Rex Dillman

chemo x up is aug tues and thurs .  so anytime at 8 in morning ok.... dont matter as im retired and on disability  doing anything is going to work for others in time . just have to plan ahead for it.  thanks....  

08/29/19 08:07 AM #4089    


Terri Bayles (Howells)

Thanks for clarifying, Joe! Y'all have fun and think of us who haven't retired yet! We'll join you when we do :)

08/29/19 02:13 PM #4090    


Rex Carpenter

Same for me I need to know if your wanting it to be at 8 am, or pm ? I'm not much of a morning person either so ?

09/05/19 04:29 PM #4091    

Rex Dillman

 cousin John Bowerman died between last night and early this morning he did graduate NHS in 1975... to those who want to know there is no funeral he is just creamated by hovens.  we grew up only a couple miles apart . he lived at corner of burton rd and white st all his life and got it when his mom my aunt died.  he had cancer  at least not suffering now. 

09/06/19 12:48 AM #4092    


Rex Carpenter

John was a friend & he was a good employee when he worked for me. He will be missed, R.I.P. my friend, GOD got a new friend today to have by his side.


09/06/19 07:30 AM #4093    

Rex Dillman

 i put in forum soon as i could cause i knew john worked for ya rex... .and ya would know soon.... God was always there he knew that. 


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