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04/02/19 02:34 PM #4000    


Rex Carpenter

Karen , I'm trying to get as much response as possible but so far only a handful have responded to my inquireis so far. I need some help in getting in touch with those who wish to came, & as present we only hve enough money in the bank to cover a place & not any food of any kind. I have checked with a few places & so far the least as far as cost is the elks,, so far. More help is needed ,,, Please.

04/05/19 08:41 PM #4001    


Rex Carpenter

I hope this goes out to all, I checked with the people who now have the old HI's rest. & they aren't open yet but will be very soon. I did talk to the owner & told him what we would want to do & I will be talking to him later next week as he has to talk with his other staff to see if we can do our reunion there with what we want. He said they are doing things a bit diferent as they have a bakery, & coffee bar & Ice cream bar upstairs now. Plus food throughout the rest. to. SO as in my last post we may be able to have our reunion there & then if anyone would want to have dinner there to they would be able to eat downstairs & we would have our finger foods upstairs along with a full service bar & rest. all night. He did sound enthuised about being able to let us do this but does need to work a few items out as they won't be open for a few weeks yet. If the price is right we can do this as a 1 night thing with a min. of cost to us. I think if the price comes in where I hope it will we can do this as posted before for about $ 15.00 single & $ 20.00 per couple. Now as before I need feedback from all who want to come & a date that would work for all. I would think just because of timming the last week in August would be good. Please let me hear form all who want to come & if this would work for you. Thanks Rex.

04/08/19 03:06 AM #4002    


Melody Conrad

Regretably, not all our classmates check in on this site.  I'm sure there are those who would be interested that we haven't been in contact with. Maybe we could post something on the Niles associated and Niles Alumni Facebook pages and see who responds.  Please let me know how I can help.  My email is  Thanks for all you're doing to make this happen.

04/08/19 10:30 AM #4003    


Tom Houseman

Rex - As currently stated it looks like plans call for "late" in August - the last weekend. Are we talking Friday, August 23rd to Sunday, August 25th or the week after that  - August 30th to September 1st? (The later dates bleeds into "Labor Day" weekend so I don't know if that is an advantage or a disadvantage.) Thankfully the advantage is no home Notre Dame football games either of these weekends. That helps folks from out of town as lodging is much less expensive. Yes - I understand we are only looking at a Saturday evening "official" activity but if we're traveling from out of town I'm sure you can count on some other gatherings thruout the weekend.

Based on how many will hopefully be coming Margie (Vanderwater) and I will plan on coming. It is a little bit of a drive from Oklahoma but we haven't missed one yet so count us in. Also - it appears Margie and I have harassed Dan Tinkey enough that he may even be putting in an appearance - provided Lakeshore doesn not have a football game that evening - fingers crossed!

Also - thanks for spearheading is appreciated.

Tom & Margie




04/08/19 01:16 PM #4004    


Rex Carpenter

Tom & Melody I know thats a somewhat difficult weekend to try to do this but to I think this may be the best weekend to do it. I want to thank everyone in advance for all your replys & if your in contact with any of our other classmates please have them get in contact with me about this. If your reading the posts I've  made you'll see I'm trying to get a place that all will know & is a place we can have some fun & great talks about all the things that we've been up to & about the past to. I'll post more as soon as I know about the old HI's building as thats the best place I think as the Elks is a bit to much money for this time,,, I think. Thanks for the replys & I'll post again soon. Rex.


04/09/19 07:02 PM #4005    


Don Nugent

Rex, I'm behind u 100%. I really need to know ASAP about a date. It seems that the summertime excursions for me get booked up earlier and earlier every year. My vote on the venue would be somewhere a good meal could be had. HI's sounds interesting. Keep us posted lil brother

04/10/19 10:53 AM #4006    

Dan Gillis

the golden coral at douglas and main may be a good place to meet. inexpensive, can set aside a room, eat what you want.

many people do the fair in august in our state, other states may already be in school by labor day.

beginning of August, end of July may work as well as end of august

Dan Gillis

269-240-7878 text


04/10/19 06:00 PM #4007    


Rex Carpenter

I'm glad I'm getting some feedback now & i can tell you I will be talking to the guy who has the old HI's rest. on fri. to see if it will work out there. I think,,, Hope that I can get any date I want at this point as thier not open yet so i should be the 1st one to ask for a date there. I'll post more as soon as I find out which should be this weekend. What i posted about that place was what I talked to the owner about & he souldned good about being able to have us there & get a bit of extra business to boot. Thanks Guys & send out the word to let all know so i can see how were going. I'll be in touch with Mike Peters this week to , so if you have ANY questions contact me as soon as you have a question & I'll get you an anwser as sson as I can. Thanks guys for the support. Your fellow classmate & friend Rex.

04/11/19 12:55 PM #4008    


Steve Bender

What about Lehman's Winery/Bewery in Buchanan?  They have a special room fr groups

04/13/19 01:14 PM #4009    


Don Nugent

Great suggestion Benny. You , no doubt , have been there ? Good food.....good beer.....good vino ? I think that someplace like that would be good just for the atmosphere alone. Not really too concerned about the admittance fee

04/19/19 10:17 AM #4010    

Terri Bayles (Howells)

Steve, would you be willing to check into the cost for Lehman's? Sounds like a great spot (outside overlooking the river), though I don't think it's wise for anyone to front money for a deposit (hate to have someone get stuck).

My two cents: We should definitely consider Karen's suggestion though - pick a bar that has an outdoor patio, pick a date, and invite everyone. Nothing formal, no money up front (everyone pays for their own food and drink), we just get together and have a good time. For what it's worth, I've always thought the Friday night informal gatherings were a great time - and most were nothing more than making sure everyone knew where to meet. We could even let people in the other classes (72, 73, 75, 76) know about it and maybe a few of them would come in too. The more the merrier!

No matter what's decided, we need a date. Wendy, is it fairly easy for you to send a poll with August and early September Saturday dates (and Friday?). Or should we just get this group that's talking about it to weigh-in?

04/22/19 07:53 AM #4011    


Steve Bender

I will check on Lehman's, but it will be a bit spendy, if available.  I totally agree we meet at a cozy bar area and everyone pony up their own bill


04/22/19 03:56 PM #4012    


Rex Carpenter

Steve , if it's a high cost place that will turn a lot of people off, I'm still waiting for a reply from the owner of the old HI's rest. I will be talking to him on Wed. this week & he said he will have prices & an anwser for me about being able to have our reunion there. Hope your Easter was good. Rex.

05/13/19 08:32 AM #4013    


Steve Bender

The class of 74 has always been all about "fellowship".  We were not a class of cliques, but a class that loved to hang out with each other.  Hard to believe, but this is our 45th reunion baby!  It is disappointing that venues and costs seem to be a determining and detrimental factor.  Heck, we could have fun in a cornfield, a hill or even a pond (which we have many times in the past).  The bottom line is that so many of us just want to see each other again.  With so many conflicts dealing with aging parents, children, grand childen and even great-great grandchildren, planing ahead with a designated date is the key.  Everyone has a lot on their plates!

As we head into the summer without a date or a place, maybe we just designate Labor Day weekend and then just throw out places to rendevous and pay for our own drinks/food?  Let's reconnect our RELATIONSHIPS.

It is so evident now that Tom Bonner was the glue that kept us together for so many years.  So, as I am writing this I am thinking "What would Tom Bonner do?"  He would say, "Let's get a keg of beer, set it down anywhere, annd have a great time!" Places and Prices do not matter - PEOPLE matter.


05/14/19 08:37 PM #4014    


Anne Rigby (Haley)

Good thoughts, Steve. I agree completely.  Lets choose a date and come @## or high water, we'll be there.  We all will do our best!


05/14/19 10:29 PM #4015    


Andy Hulce

Hi guys,

I’m with you and planning on attending.  Just waiting for confirmation of date.

Andy & Laura Hulce


05/14/19 11:46 PM #4016    


Rex Carpenter

Andy , & all the rest the date is going to be the 3rd Sat. of Aug. & we will be at the old HI's rest. here in Niles. I just got some of the info from the owner & will have all the info I need on Thur. I will post this to the class site & start to contact all & see who is going to show. The cost ,, I'll post on Fir or Sat so all will knw how much. When I give everyone the price you'll have 2 different places to send it. You'll either be able to send it directly to me or to Mike Peters. I hope to see everyone there & now is the time for a real head count. Let me know, & if you can & are in contact with some of our classmates let them know to vist this site for info.  Thanks, & I didn't forget about it , just been busy trying to get all the ducks in a row. P.S. All those who wish to help contact me either by Phone at 269-684-3085 , my home phone or my cell at 269-362-7715. As always you can reach me here to.  Thanks Again Rex.

05/15/19 08:57 AM #4017    

Terri Bayles (Howells)

Hi all,

Steve, I agree completly! Thanks for the great reminders about why we want to do this in the first place!

Rex, I appreciate your efforts, but for what it's worth, I'm in favor of Steve's idea - which was suggested originally by Karen - and just seems to make the most sense. 

So, before Rex gets too far into this (specifically with deposits and such), can we try to find out from folks who have expressed an interest in coming out if they prefer a 'formal' retreat (for which we currently have no committee or money) or a casual gathering or gatherings over Labor Day weekend - or in August - as Steve suggested, where people pay their own way.

For those paying attention to this discussion - could you please let us know what you'd like to do?





05/15/19 12:30 PM #4018    

Jerry Ernsperger

I think since Rex and others have already done alot of leg work for this reunion that keeping it scheduled for the 3 week of august is a good idea. Also labor day weekend is the last major holiday of the summer. People will have other plans for that weekend not to mention the traffic will be terrible for trveling labor day week end.

05/15/19 01:22 PM #4019    


Randy Toler (Toler)

Great thoughts Steve!  It would be great to catch up with everyone. 

05/15/19 05:33 PM #4020    


Rex Carpenter

The reason were going with the current plan is in the post from Jerry E. the Labor day weedend is when most spend the last part of the summer with family & friends & the place I'm getting is not very expensive but will have the room for all who show up. Plus the cost of it will be FAR less then a formal affair at an expensive rest. in a town thats not our own. Steve I think you were try to step on any of our toes in any way. It's been a hard deal to try to put this together & any help suggestions are always a help. I have found that the place we've chosen is a very cost friendly place & will have a good menu for those who will want to eat before during or after they have come upstairs to enjoy our reunion. Also Terri if we don't use the little bit of money for this reunion there may not be enough of us around to even enjoy it at our 50th. Granted we don't have a lot of money to use but what we have should be enjoyed by all who can show up this time. If you try to plan something thats to fancy your going to exclude a lot who may not have or don't want to spend that much just to say Hello to our fellow classmates. Granted some of us have made a good living , but there are those who haven't & it's not right to exculed them because they can't afford to come to a place that my be cost more then they can afford. For this reason I/we have decided to go with the plan at hand. I/we want to make sure those who want to come can. I'll post more info on Fri. for those who are reading this & are interested in coming. Thanks Rex.

05/21/19 11:44 PM #4021    


Rex Carpenter

Ok here it is. The date is Aug. 24th & will be from 5:00 pm until 10:00 pm at the Rage, which is the old HI's rest on front St. here in Niles. They will be open for dinner & we will have the upstairs in the north part of it but will also be able to mingle throughout the entire upstairs. The upstairs has a ice cream bar with Yougert & other refreshments. They have a complete bar for anyone who wishs to have that before , after , or during adult drink. LOL. There will be munchies to nibble on , ( wings, meat balls, aveggie trays with dips for all to eat in between all the catching up with all our long lost friends. Dinner can be had downstairs at a reasonalbe price. The avg. is between $ 10.00 & $ 12.00, so no one will go broke. All the soft drinks will be FREE while were there. Make sure you thank the owner ( Steve ) for that. 

Now for the other part. The cost this year is going to be very resasonable. Cost is $ 15.00 single & $ 20.00 for a couple. The cost will cover some of the munchies & the rest will go back into the bank for our 50th class reunion. Hopefully we can have a real blow out for that one, but this year is just to get as many back to catch up & have a great time doing that. 

You can send you money to either me Rex Lee Carpenter , 423 N. 14th St. Niles MI. 49120 or to 

Mike Peters at the flower shop at  East Main Gardens Care  of Mike Peters fro the class reunion at 1521 East Main St. Niles MI. 49120.  Please send your money in as soon as you can so we can get a true headf count as we need to know about how mant to count on. Also make your checks out to the Class of 1974 that way they will get to the bank correctly. If you have any questions you can reach me here or at Thanks & I hope to see everyone at the reunion on August 24th 2019 Saturday Night from 5:00 om to 10:00 pm. 

05/21/19 11:59 PM #4022    


Karen McGregor (Bezemek)

Excellent Rex! I'll send in my check ASAP -- have the date of Aug 24th on my calendar and look forward to seeing lots of folks from Class of '74! 

05/22/19 11:37 AM #4023    


Morgan Reed

I would love to attend. We will research travel costs and/or drive time from West Virginia, and get back to you either way.

05/22/19 04:34 PM #4024    


Rex Carpenter

Morgan , when I was in the Navy & stationed in Norfolk VA. I could get home in about 9-10 hours depending on traffic that day. I would come home on the weekends to be able to spend time with my mom & dad, I would come down the toll raod to get home as that was for me the most direct route. 


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